Designs inspired by chocolate!
'Chocolate images' for a greeting card range.
Postcard design to match gift wrap and greeting card.
Gift wrap 'Chocolate images' and a chocolate dipped, die cut strawberry gift tag.
'Chocolate' roll wrap gift paper.
'Chocolates' part of a collection of 'circle' greeting cards.
Die cut 'Chocolate slice' greeting card.
'Delicious chocolate cake', die cut greeting card.
Chocolate comes in many forms, including 'Hot Chocolate'.
'Let it snow', a top selling Christmas card. Die cut.
'Chocolate Bar' greeting card. Die cut so a 'bite' is taken away.
Die cut 'Chocolate Bar' book mark.
The first card I designed for Phoenix Trading, and a top selling greeting card for over a decade. 'Chocolate'!
'Chocolates in a box', inspired by a trip to Paris.
Card designed for 'Audrey's' Chocolates in Brighton and Hove. I also designed their chocolate menu to go inside the chocolate boxes. It was a lovely commission.
Die cut 'Chocolate box best wishes'.
'Chocolate' gift wrap for Phoenix Trading.
Line drawings for 'The Chocolate Connoisseur' by Chloe Doutre-Roussel.
Amanda Loverseed © 2017

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