I was commissioned by the Goodwood to illustrate a map for the Goodwood Road Racing Company for their 2018 'Grand Tour of Europe'. The map shows the routes taken over 4 weekends, following four different routes across Europe and the UK. I have designed the layout, main map, routes, vignettes and supplied text overlays. The style of illustration was specific to the brief.
I illustrated vignettes to highlight some of the places visited on the different tour days.
The Brief required that I used limited colour for each picture.
Spa - Francorchamps.
Not all the places visited are car related and some of the illustrations needed to reflect the scenery of the route.
Colours for the Text help link the illustrations to the specific routes.
I designed route illustrations to show the four separate routes. The Fourth route, in the UK, has four potential starting places that all culminate at the GRRC open day at Goodwood House. Each route is colour coded. The purple I used here is part of the official GRRC colors.
The main map of Europe showing the 4 routes across Europe, colour coded. The colours chosen for the map were to reflect colours used in historical maps but still with a contemporary feel.
All routes ending at the beautiful setting of Goodwood House for the Goodwood Road Racing Club open day.
Amanda Loverseed ©

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